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The Prosecution comes up here and claims that you should feel sorry for poor old Liz Vickers who needs more money from this accident she was in. But you don't realize that Vickers already had her chance to sue Nick Ivy but she settled instead. And now she realizes that she wants some more money from this so she attacks our responsible host. Imagine that you are Mike Hearst right now. You decided that you wanted to have a perfectly legal gathering at your home. The purpose of this event was never just to get trashed but actually to get to know people. A guest creates a disturbance and is asked to leave. And now you are sitting in this courtroom being charged with causing an accident you were never involved in, facing an $18,000 penelty. This people, is unfair and ulawful when you take a close look at the law. "Every person who negligently serves or causes to be served any alcoholic beverages to an obviously intoxicated person shall be severally liable for injuries to third persons caused by the acts or omissions of the intoxicated person." That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we are here. You must pay close detail to this law because the fine points of it will declare Mike Hearst's innocence. My client is innocent of these charges for two simple reasons. First, his serving of the alcoholic beverages was not negligent. And secondly, Nick Ivy was not obviously intoxicated at any time Mike Hearst served the alcohol. My client Mike Hearst is a responsible man who has taken much initiative in his life. He had a group of people over for an evening so he could look for future prospects of his social club. Alcohol happened to be a part of this gathering but everyone at...
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added: 02/14/2012
Experience shows that few people really understand what "Euthanasia" is. Euthanasia is not turning off respirators or life support machines. Turning off respirators and life support machines is merely recognizing that only intrusive medicine is keeping a person alive. Taking away that intrusive treatment, the person dies naturally. On the contrary, euthanasia is the deliberate causing of a patients premature death. For example, a doctor gives a lethal injection to a patient, or someone hooks up a face mask and tubing to a canister of carbon monoxide and then instructs the suicidal person on how to push the lever so that they will be gassed to death. For all practical purposes any distinction between euthanasia and assisted suicide have been abandoned today. Arguments for Can quickly and humanely end a patients suffering Can help to shorten grief and suffering of patient's family Would help others face death if they could die with dignity Arguments against There are many pain killing drugs which can help the patient die naturally with dignity A patient might not be able to make a rational decision or might change their mind but be incapable of telling the doctors Old people may feel they are a nuisance to others and go for euthanasia People may recover If there were better facilities to care for the dying there would be less need for euthanasia Life is a gift from God and only God should take that away Euthanasia in Australia (pre-1995) In the last decade or so several Australian states and territories have taken action aimed at guaranteeing the right of adult patients of sound mind to direct that extraordinary measures to prolong life be stopped. South Australia passed the Natural Death Act in 1983, Victoria the Medical Treatment Act in 1988, the Northern Territory the Natural Death Act in 1988...
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added: 07/19/2011
In Cloudstreet, the mysterious figure of the Blackfella appears at key points, mostly to Quick. In each occurrence he appears to represent a different meaning or purpose, but there is an overall symbolic representation, and that is of spirituality. Although he appears to be in physical presence, as in where he talks to Quick, the Blackfella has an overwhelming spiritual presence. This is not represented just through aboriginal symbolism – there are also many biblical references when the Blackfella appears. On page 61 the Blackfella flees from Cloudstreet once he reaches the centre of the house. This portrays a sense of spirituality in the air due to the ancestral deaths that had occurred there. In an imaginary scene on page 178, Fish sees a lack man flying around and over him. This image represents somewhat an impression of the spiritualistic freedom the Blackfella has. On page 208, Quick picks up the Blackfella who has take the role of a hitchhiker. He leads Quick back home to Cloudstreet, but Quick refuses to go back. During the drive to Cloudstreet, a biblical reference is made to the Blackfella. From his bag, he pulls out bread and a wine-like drink, much like the bible story, and this supply appears not to deplete. Quick suspects nothing at all. By page 217, Quick begins to think about who this black man is. Quick had been pulling in hundreds of fish in an almost incomprehensible situation, where he would be catching strings of fish attached to each other. As he is rowing he sees a black figure that appears to be walking on water. As he moves closer he recognises the black figure as the familiar Blackfella. This, again, can be perceived as a biblical reference. Page 326 has a short appearance of the Blackfella to Fish, who sees him across the...
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added: 02/13/2012
Men, like animals, live in more or less organized clusters, which we shall call societies. Members of human societies always share a number of distinctive modes or ways of behaving that, taken as a whole, constitute their culture. Culture is based on the uniquely human capacity to classify experiences, encode such classifications symbolically, and teach such abstractions to others. It is usually acquired through enculturation, the process through which an older generation induces and compels a younger generation to reproduce the established lifestyle; consequently, culture is embedded in a person's way of life. Culture is difficult to quantify, because it frequently exists at an unconscious level, or at least tends to be so pervasive that it escapes everyday thought. This is one reason that anthropologists tend to be skeptical of theorists who attempt to study their own culture. Anthropologists employ fieldwork and comparative, or cross-cultural, methods to study various cultures. One person who had made studies on culture was Clyde Kay Maben Kluckhohn. Clyde Kluckhohn was born in 1905 in LeMars, Iowa. Clyde chose the profession of a cultural anthropologist based on his interest in psychology while at the same time expressing his interest in cultural diversity. He felt that diversities of authentic cultures must be represented in personality psychology. For him, psychoanalysis, by revealing the unconscious assumptions of a given people could expose hidden relationships between culture and the individual personality. Kluckhohn even suggested that young students of anthropology be psychoanalyzed in order to better understand themselves and others. Kluckhohn displayed the fundamental importance of cultural anthropology as a source of information about human nature. Clyde Kluckhohn defined culture as consisting of patterns, explicit and implicit, of and for, behavior acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievement of human groups, including their embodiments in artifacts; the essential core of...
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added: 11/02/2011
JONATHON KENEDY English 2.8 "You can say that again" Research Report: Cockney Rhyming Slang Introduction The language area that I have researched is that of Cockney Rhyming Slang. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the origins of this type of slang, uses, effectiveness and also the influence of Rhyming Slang on everyday English language all through a series of questions. Q.1 What is Cockney Rhyming Slang? Cockney Rhyming Slang is an amusing, creative and widely underestimated part of the English language. The way it works is that you take a pair of associated words where the second word rhymes with the word you intend to say. For example one of the most famous ones, apples and pears, meaning Stairs follows these rules. Usually however, through the development of the English language, the rhyming slang is abbreviated to just the first word, so in the example above it would become just apples. This jumbling of words makes a sentence much harder to understand and when a sentence includes more than one element of Rhyming Slang the meaning becomes so obscure that it causes confusion to foreigners to Cockney Rhyming Slang. Which hence is its original purpose, as a form of coded speech, once used by the under world of London. Q.2 Where did Cockney Rhyming Slang originate and how did it establish itself in everyday English language? Cockney Rhyming Slang is one of the most popular slangs around, now heard all throughout the English specking world. It originally developed in the area of inner London, known as the East End. This area, Cockney London, is defined as being that within the sound of Bow Bells, belonging to the Church of St Mary Le Bow. Slang as defined by, as a "kind of language occurring chiefly in casual and playful speech, made up typically of short-lived coinages and figures of...
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added: 12/25/2011
Ernest Hemingway believed the generation that came of age after World War I was a lost generation. "The Lost Generation" was simply defined as a bunch of disillusioned young men and women that survived World War I, who lost their morals, and direction of their lives. Like the characters in the novel they spent their time drinking, and traveling as a way to escape reality. Most of these young men and women had dreams, but after the war, they came back physically, and emotionally wounded. They spent most of their time in cafes; due to this they became bitter, and lost hope in life. In the novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, "The Lost Generation" is a theme that appears throughout. The code that is seemingly apparent for Jake Barnes and Frances Clyne in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises is irresponsibility. Jake Barnes being the narrator and protagonist of the novel is one of the characters that represents the worst of "The Lost Generation." Due to the war Jake came back impotent, in other words he also lost his manhood. After going out with Georgette one night Jake states that, "She cuddled against me and I put my arm around her. She looks up to be kissed. She touched me with one hand and I put her hand away" (Hemingway 15). Instead of confronting his problem with Georgette, Jake is going around the truth, and just telling her that he is sick. This shows how irresponsible he is, and how he does not accept his condition. In "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, there is a line that states, "Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain" (The Waste Land 1781). The "lilacs out of the dead land" represent Jake because...
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added: 01/28/2012
@@A Norwegian cafe owner is offering a new coffee drink - a latte that comes with horse milk. @@Project chief Karianne Groev has dubbed the drink at the cafe in Valdres a "hoppe (mare) latte". Berit Bergset developed the Stryn horse milk as a product, and is pleased to have found a trendy new outlet. @@Aftenposten reports Bergset told Norwegian Broadcasting: "I think it is great. We primarily sell the milk as a health product, but if someone has, for example, an allergy to cow's milk they can have a latte this way. That can only be good." @@Groev is also pleased with the unusual drink, but says that not everyone dares to give it a try. hat can only be good." An art historian claims the real Mona Lisa was a woman of "loose morals". @@The true identity of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa has puzzled experts for years. @@But a German now believes she was Countess Caterina Sforza from Italy. The countess is said to have been married three times, had 11 children and countless lovers. @@An attempt by two UK pilots to fly a balloon to the edge of space has been cancelled. The decision was announced after a hole appeared in the balloon during inflation. @@Mission Control director Brian Jones said: "Things were going incredibly well, because of that I think it is an even more devastating blow for the team on board and us in mission control." @@Colin Prescot and Andy Elson's flight would have been the first British-piloted manned space mission. They were hoping to launch the attempt off Cornwall in a balloon taller than the Empire State Building. @@The 1,270ft tall QinetiQ1 was bidding to smash a 40-year-old altitude record on a mission Elson had dubbed "a day trip in space". But it was cancelled just before 7.30am. Mr Jones said: "It lost a...
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added: 12/05/2011
Cognitive Development Pre school – 0-4 yrs. · Learning occurs through motor activity and the senses. . (piaget) · Has the ability to understand object permanence, as well as face recognition. (piaget) · First utterances for the purpose of communication. (Vygotsky) · Autocosmic play occurs, where the child explores their own body. Symbolic/pretend play also occurs. (Erikson) Early years – 5-9 yrs. · Logical classification begins to appear with intuitive and symbolic thinking. (piaget) · Egocentric · Assimilation is dominant over accommodation. Assimilation – taking new material from the outside world and fitting it into one's already existing structures. Accommodation – adjusting the structure in reaction to the newly incorporated material. (Piaget) · Games of Construction occur near the end of this stage of cognitive development. It represents the transition between symbolic play and non-playful activities where the child may learn about measurement, balance, etc. · Not yet developed the ability to discern higher order relations. (Sternberg) *Middle years – 10-12 yrs. · Able to apply logical abilities to objects and events. . (piaget) · Can solve concrete problems · Decentered attention – the ability to focus on more than one feature simultaneously in the environment. · Cognitive structure provides meaning and organization to experiences and allows the individual to think abstractly and make inferences at a higher level. (Bruner) · Spatial relationships can be understood. · Concept of time, movement, chance. · Understanding the law of conservation of matter. Senior years 13-14 yrs. · Hypothetical and abstract reasoning occur along with decision-making skills, memory operations and language-related skills that develop. · Altruistic thinking · Convergent and divergent problem solving occurs. · Identity, according to Erikson, occurs in the adolescent stage and is a deeper level/ higher level of self-awareness. Physical Middle years 10-12 yrs. · Increased hand-eye coordination. · Pubescent growth spurt occurs, approximately age 10 for females and age 12 for males. Pituitary glands secrete hormones and an increase in growth and rapid weight gain is noticed. · The...
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added: 10/05/2011
Understandably, all literature, especially novels, is written to in some way allude to real life. Charles Frazier sets his novel, Cold Mountain, one hundred and forty years ago, yet the characters bear very close resemblance to real people of today. This novel teaches the reader many lessons about his own life. The characters show the reader that there are types of intelligence other that the easily measured book smarts and one should not judge someone by his looks or occupation. Also Inman shows the importance of ethics and morality when he is dealing with Veasley. Finally, the book teaches the reader the significance of having a parent. Ruby is a very rustic character. She proves to be a very intelligent woman, although she was never able to attend school or learn to read. She was never given the opportunity to have the same kind of intelligence as Ada, the knowledge of classical literature and proper manners. However, Ruby's knowledge of "farming, cookery, wild lore" absolutely fascinated Ada (106). This fascination is to the extents that even the well read Ada "envied her knowledge of how the world runs" (106). Also seemingly intelligent characters make very stupid decisions. One would normally assume, especially in the south at this time, that the priesthood would produce the most intelligent people around. This prediction does not hold true in the case of Veasley. Caught about to kill his lover, the married preacher, Veasley, is not a very smart person. Furthermore he makes other stupid decisions, for example, he sleeps with a prostitute and then gets himself killed and Inman shot by Teague and the "Home Guard." Charles Frazier teaches the reader not to judge a person by their appearance. A white collar or a dirty look is not parallel to that person's intelligence. Inman is a...
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added: 11/14/2011
There were many changes between 1908 and the year 2000. Towns grew into big Cities. Sports have changed over the years. The military has changed drastically. In 2000, lots of events affected our lives. Times Square was covered with people when New Year's Eve was celebrated, because New York City was so popular. On September 11, 2001, two hijacked 747 airplanes hit the World Trade Centers in New York City. The collapse of the two towers killed over 2,000 people and affected the lives of many others. People now feared for themselves and their families with the risk of other terrorist attacks. Many people in all parts of the country are still trying to deal with the financial setbacks brought about by the attacks. There are many sports that Americans play and watch. Some examples are basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and hockey. In the year 2000, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship and held the title through 2002. In baseball last year, the World Series pitted the Anaheim Angels against the New York Yankees. The Angels won by beat the Yankees for the first time in a long time. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football is a very aggressive team sport. Salaries now are much higher than they used to be. It's not unusual for a professional athlete to sign a multi million dollar contract. Our country went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2000 through 2003. A lot of soldiers risked their lives for our country. A lot of transportation was used in the war. Some examples are tanks, hum-v's , Blackhawks and Apaches. These were used for transportation of soldiers and supplies. Guns like the M-16's were accurate automatic weapons in the war. Many changes happened during the 1900's. People going to war, people having...
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added: 12/08/2011
Everyone has special qualities about themselves. The better a person knows himself or herself, the better they can assess the areas that require additional personal development. These areas can be divided into specific traits called strengths and weaknesses. In this paper, I will discuss some of my personal strengths and weaknesses; I will also include my plans for improvement and actions I have taken thought out the years to overcome my weaknesses through my strengths. Speaking front an audience whether, in class room, in public, or at work is on the top of the list of my weaknesses. The problem stems primarily from the fact that English is my second language. This weakness can be broken down into two parts: One mastering the language itself, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structuring. People tend to judge our character through the way we present ourselves through speech and ability to present our ideas in comprehensible fashion. My limited vocabulary and pronunciation needs a lot of improvement. The Second part of the weakness is the fear to stand front an audience, and deliver a speech or a presentation. This weakness is a direct result of earlier part, mastering the language and the ability to deliver a speech are two sides of the same coin. My ability to present my ideas limited by my choice of words then, most likely my audience will not get my point. How can my audience comprehend the concepts I am trying to get across to them if my speech might as well be in a foreign language?...
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added: 12/12/2011
College Application If you ask me who the most influential person of my life Is, I wouldn't have to think about it twice. My English Teacher from my junior year in high school Is the most positive person I have ever known; her name? Is Mrs. Schoenbucher and she is encouraging, always Friendly, permanently offering help and always there For you when you need somebody to talk. You might ask What does that have to do with my college application? I have always been a really good pupil, always went to Class on time, never skipped school, permanently good grades In addition,I Have never been disrespectful to a teacher. In my junior year I had a math teacher , Who really took the fun out of math ; he didn't treat Me fairly and really gave me a bad time in math. I lost my Fun on math and stopped to study for it. I even started Skipping my math classes because I had such a hard Time getting along with this teacher. I am pretty Sure you can foretell what happened when I stopped studying for math and started skipping it –exactly, my Grade dropped –I failed the class and I have never Failed a class before. The math problem led to other problems, too ;it took away all my passion for Attending school. Consequently, my other grades started to get Worse too. I was afraid to talk to anybody, I didn't Have the courage to speak up and discuss the problem. I Felt lost like a wild animal imprisoned in a small cage. I was walking in a dark tunnel and couldn't find the Exit. My English teacher Mrs. Schoenbucher, with whom I get along very well was the first person to recognize that something was wrong with me, so she Took me aside and asked me what was wrong. I said "Nothing", but I just couldn't hold it in anymore my eyes Were starting to get watery and I started to cry .Mrs. Schoenbucher encouraged...
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added: 12/04/2011
When you are watching your favorite college team play in a championship game and the team is winning, then all of sudden the other opponent comes back to win by some kind of miracle. Do you ever wander if that game was fixed? We'll if your answer is yes, then your probably right. This is a major problem for the NCAA, to sports clean on the collegiate level. A problem that used to go unnoticed, but now it is major concern for universities and the NCAA program. Gambling by college student athletes has become one of the greatest concerns among coaches and athletic directors around the nation. You have college players risking their athletic career betting or shaving points on their team for money. Some players into gambling by accident, like for example, a friendly bet can turn into a gambling addiction. Some athletes get into gambling as a way to support themselves financial, since NCAA rules restrict college players from working. Although law enforcements have tried to fight gambling in college, it hasn't stopped athletes from getting involved into gambling. Players that do get caught gambling lose a year of eligibility from playing on their team, and even lose all their eligibility (meaning that they may never again be able to participate in college sports). But college athletes will continue to gamble in school, unless the NCAA comes up with way to better help students financially. Over the years, ever since college football and men's basketball have become big, big business. The NCAA at least can give these college athletes something, rather its money to go to the movies or even laundry money. Universities get paid a lot of money for being in tournaments, I think they can least share the wealth and reward these players. Some experts say that...
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added: 12/06/2011
Some say a college education isn't worth the time and money, but personally I do think it is worth it. What would you do without a college education, work at McDonalds or some other fast-food restaurant? A college education is worth the time and money because it's a lifetime investment, you'll acquire lifelong skills, and you'll make good money doing what you like to do. First of all when you go to college you're establishing a lifetime investment. This is something that will make the money and time that you invested in college worthwhile. It's like a CD account or stock shares, except you're investing yourself and each year you're in college the more valuable you get. On the other hand though some don't do well in school so their investment is not greater then others who do. After school is done with, you can except to make more money then what you were before. Secondly, besides acquiring a lifetime investment, you're going to be getting a lifelong skill that no can take away from you. This skill will make you money for years to come, and can possibly be taught to your children. This skill can be used to make money at work or outside of work such as your own business where you're the boss and set your own hours. Last of all after graduating, assuming you found a job in your chosen field, you'll be making money doing something you enjoy. Because you will be doing something you enjoy, you will be more enthusiastic, rather than dragging into work and complaining about how they don't like their job. Since you will be more likely to perform better doing what you like, more raises, opportunities, and promotions are likely to happen. A lifetime investment, lifelong skills, and doing what you enjoy are...
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added: 12/28/2011
Both Louis Menand's "College: The End of the Golden Age" and Joe Quenan's " Matriculation Fixation" present us with many misconceptions that the ordinary public and those employed by our educational institutions struggle with. We are faced with many challenges within our institutions of higher education because of the many contradictions that they embody. We need to re-evaluate our goals and missions within our nations universities to produce graduates that will better help society as well as themselves. Education, a word that can mean so many things. While in the past thirty years colleges and the expanse of knowledge that they offer have continued to evolve, oddly enough, the concept of a four year liberal arts education has remained relatively unchanged. The truth of the matter is that vast majority of students will have very different college experiences. Even though almost half of all Americans have attended college at some point in their lives, scholars in the field feel as though higher education is hopeless. The higher education system has been growing steadily since the 1970's and with this significant increase in the number of students and ultimately graduates, the value of most degrees has been severely lessened. This, coupled with other outside influences has sent our education system into a state of depression. We need to reassess our reasons for pursuing higher education, and adjust our expectations of what a college degree can and cannot do. There are many problems that affect scholars working within our learning institutions, the young men and woman attending them, and the parents who are sending their children off with certain expectations in mind. Many of the serious issues threatening today's higher educational system rise out of the extreme value Americans place on monetary success The idea of success by the accumulation of wealth and status...
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added: 02/04/2012
Why do you want to pursue your college education at Hampton University? Growing up, I always envisioned myself being at a historically black university, one with prestige and a high academic standard. I have not only found this with Hampton University, but I also found a school located in an area where so much of our country's history has occurred. At the present time, I plan to pursue history as my major, and I believe Hampton would be the perfect place to study this. A school which opened its doors to educate my predecessors continually seeks to instill in its students the "precepts of efficiency, character and service to society-standards that continue to remain both timeless and relevant." Contrary to what many people believe, history is not just memorizing facts and dates, but it's an in-depth look at the many people and the many events that helped change things and people in the world. Those who major in history are taught to become brilliant readers, writers, and communicators. These three things are major characteristics shown in many lawyers, which is the career I plan to pursue after schooling. I think Virginia would be the perfect place to study history. For one, it is site of the first American settlements, the place where the first slaves were bought to our country, the home of four out of the five first presidents, the main battleground during the Civil War, and the state that elected the very first African-American governor. From research, I have found Hampton to be comprised of about 6,000 undergraduates. Being a historically black university, it does not have very much racial diversity, but the regional diversity is incredible. This means so much more to me to meet and learn from people from different places, cultures, and backgrounds. We learn more from the...
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added: 01/31/2012
In High School, college seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of. Whenever I thought about it my stomach would immediately begin to spin in circles. Although I was ready to go off and be by myself and meet new people I was scared to death at the same time. I didn't know much about the "college experience" and what I did know (or thought I knew) scared me. I pictured hard classes that I wouldn't be able to keep up with, people that wouldn't like me, long hikes to get to my classes, and horrible food. I couldn't imagine leaving the security of my own room, my own stuff where I want it, my friends that I've spent practically my whole life with, my family who put up with all my little quirks, and my car!! What was I going to do without my precious car? Some of my friends that had already been to college and had come back to visit seemed so much older and more mature. I felt twelve years old in comparison. I thought that I would never be able to fit in. Everyone else that I talked to didn't however seem to have this problem. They all were thrilled at the thought of being on their own and not having to worry about their parents telling them what to do all the time. And sure, the thought was extremely exciting to me as well, but how would I survive without my family and friends and the things that had taken me eighteen years to get used to. I felt like going to college was pretty much taking everything that I knew and had grown accustomed to and throwing it up in the air. The worst part about it all was that...
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added: 02/16/2012
Education is an important part of everyone's lives. From early age until death people go to school to learn. Even though it may seem like all schools and students are the same, there are many differences. As a recent graduated student from high school, I have observed notable differences between high school and college students. First of all, high school students differ greatly in age, styles, and interests. In high school, all students are teenagers between the ages fourteen and eighteen, while in college there is a noticeable age difference. For example, in my math class in college some are in their late teens, some range from young married people in their twenties and thirties, to people of my grandparents age. High school students are very much alike. Their so-called "uniform" consists of jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. They use the same popular slang, talk about same movies and TV shows, and know the same music artists. College students are much more diverse. Generally, their clothing is more formal because some are dressed for a workplace and not for a typical classroom. Many of the women wear skirts or dresses; the men often wear dress shirts or sweaters. Since the students are much older, they are more comfortable talking about their work schedules, world news or child care rather than what was on TV last night. College and high school students have very different responsibilities. For high school students, school is the major responsibility. They don't have a choice of going to school. Parents make them go to school. High school students live at home with their parents so they don't have to worry about anything. Some choose to work part-time at a fast food place to have some spending money. But school is the only major responsibility. However, college students lead...
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added: 12/21/2012
In the article, Education, written by E. B. White, he tells about the subject of school-in- country vs. school-in-city. He tells us about the life of school in the country side would be like, and then he compared the life in the city side. The shift from the city school to country school was a strange way for the author and his family to accept the new environment. He and his wife never knew anything about public school before; therefore, moving to the city is something he and his wife worried about because they had no idea what it would be like to live in the new environment. To compare the subject of school-in-country vs. school-in-city, the author described the experiences of his son in two schools. He described that schools in the city were more formal; students had to wear overalls and an old sweater. Kids would see angry bus driver's face whenever they arrived on the bus to go to school in the morning. Whenever a student got hurt, teachers and nurse would make breathless phone calls for help. Then the author described the situation in the country is much different, and it was more casual. In country schools, students dressed in corduroys, sweatshirt, and short rubber boots, and carrying a tin dinner-pail and the school was only two and a half miles down the road. White's son usually walked home from school in the afternoon since the school was not far away from their house. However, after the author and his family lived in the city for a year, they came to accept the new environment. White's son said the difference of the two school experiences that he had were that he slept well in the country side than in the city, and school seem to go much faster in the country for him. Frankly, for me, I wanted to describe my experiences in college vs. in high school. The shift from high school to college was something that I worried during my...
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added: 04/15/2012
Ms. Little 1st period Vandana Murty The people who explored or had life-altering experiences in the New World were the informative writers of colonial times. Most of the books were a product of remarkable experiences by gifted individuals who felt the need to share with other people. Some of these said writers were; Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Pedro de Castaneda, John Smith, William Bradford, and Mary Rowlandson. De Vaca, Castaneda and Smith were the professional explorers in this group and Bradford and Rowlandson were settlers. Each had something different to write about, but still related to one another in very significant ways. Many writers of the day wrote about the opportunistic land to inform their reader and perhaps to encourage them to settle in the New World. Others, like de Vaca weren't blessed with a wonderful experience to write about. When de Vaca arrived to the New World in the 1530, he wandered around in Texas for eight years before traveling home again. The journey was very tough. Out of three hundred men, only three, including de Vaca survived. De Vaca in unique because he was one of the few writers who did not keep a journal, instead de Vaca wrote his book out of memory. Considering that de Vaca wrote his book in the 1550's, twenty years later, this resulted in very broad details, a traumatic view of the New World and probably some exaggeration in descriptions. He wrote chronologically by what he remembered and wrote from the first person view. De Vaca's intent for writing The Narrative of his Journey was far from sincere, he needed money and wanted to give some honor to his name as an author. However, his book does provide some interesting facts and a different perspective of America as we know it today. Pedro de Castaneda...
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